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Top Ten Harris albums

1) Vaaranam Aayiram

2) Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu

3) Pachai Kili MuthuCharam

4) Minnale, Unnale Unnale, Kaaka Kaaka

7) Ghajini

8) Dhaam Dhoom

9) Anniyan

10) Lesa Lesa, Ullam Ketkume, 12 B, Bheema


Some info-
Arumuga Samikku, Arali Vedayil and Saiyo Saiyo singer is (Palakkad) Sriram. Not to be confused with Sriram Parthasarathy (Suttum Vizhi Sudare fame)

Some corrections -
(Kovil) Puyale Puyale - Mahathi (not Malathi)
(Laysa Laysa) Muthal Muthalai - Only Madhumitha and Yugendran (No Tippu & Madhu Balakrishnan)
(Arasatchi) Arakkonathil - Sunitha Sarathy (not Sujatha)
(Ullam Ketkume) Kanavugal - Karthik (not Karthik Raja)
(Anniyan) Theme Music - Sunitha Sarathy (not Shreya Goshal)
(Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu) Manjal Veyyil - Krish (not Vijay Yesudas) *Krish had his original name (Vijay) only for this movie.
(Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu) Neruppe - Franko and Solar Sai are two different people (Franko sang Dho Dho Dhoda (UK) too)
(Sathyam) Chellame - Balram (not Naveen)
(Ayan) O Ayiyae - Haricharan (not Hariharan)

Ullam Ketkume) Kanavugal - Karthik (not Karthik Raja)

Harris - Some Interesting Facts

This is only based on the 26 movies released so far.
Madhavan in Leysa Leysa and Arya in Ullam Ketkumae are not credited as they were not the leading heroes in those movies

From Actor's perspective

1. Almost all of you know that the leading hero in most of Harris movies is Vikram. But, you would be surprised that one in every 5 movies composed by Harris is for Vikram.

2. Any guess on the leading hero in second place for most of Harris movies? Most of us would be assuming it is 'Surya'. Surprisingly, it is Shaam.

3. Harris has composed as many movies for Madhavan as for Surya. He did two for each.

One Movie each (TOTAL 8 Movies)
Jeyam Ravi

Two movies each (TOTAL 10 Movies)

Three movies each (TOTAL 3 Movies)

Five movies each (TOTAL 5 movies)

From Director's perspective

50% of Harris's movies has been for only 3 directors - Gautham, Jeeva and Hari - 6 Movies, 4 Movies and 3 Movies respectively.

The other 50% has been for 13 directors. He has not repeated working with any director apart from Gautham, Jeeva and Hari.

One Movie each (TOTAL 13 Movies) - No Repeats
Balaji Sakthivel
Gandhi Krishna
Vamsi Paidipally

Repeat Directors (TOTAL 13 Movies)
Gautham Menon - 6
Jeeva - 4
Hari - 3

While it is sad that Jeeva is no more, Jeeva is the only director to have worked with Harris in ALL his movie directions. Hari does not have that credo. Gautham is breaking that record by working with ARR in Chennaiyil Oru Mazhaikaalam.

Hope you guys find this interesting.

Planning to do a similar analysis on singers too. Sure, we have some surprises there too.

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Jun 2


All about Hasili Fisili!-TOI

Two of the most uttered words last year were Hasili and Fisili, courtesy the superhit song from the Suriya-Nayanthara starrer Aadhavan.

But does the songs composer Harris Jayaraj really know what those two words mean This was exactly what the composer, who is known for using such meaningless fun words in his songs, was asked at a recent awards event. While Harris didn’t actually say what the meaning was, he instead narrated the manner in which the words became a part of the song. When I was working on my debut film Minnale, I had composed a song for a soft drink commercial, which starred Vijay. The lyrics had these words Hasili fisili rasavali. When we were composing for Aadhavan, lyricist Pa Vijay and I had a tough time coming up with a catchy line for a particular tune. That is when this particular jingle struck me. I spoke to Vijay about that and we both decided to use it. And surprisingly, the words fit the tune to a T.


invisible KAAMZ / KAMARAJ

Ven I was in 11 std.. Minnalae released. Wat an enchantin music by HJ.. I love all d songs n one of my fav movie too. Stil now I'm hearin songs fr min. Hats off to HJ for mesmerizin music...

t was a new director
There was a new heroine
There was a new music director (I thought.. may be he is a tamil guy)
And, there was maddy.

In the beginning, I thought this could be some telugu dubbing movie.

But the music was just captivating and I kept playing those songs in loop without caring who the composer is.

Then, I bought 12B and Majnu CDs just for this man - Harris Jayaraj!!!

~ Sudharshan

Simply aswesome.. I was in 8th Std at that time! New Composer - Harris Jayaraj. He featured in the Minnale posters too, like keeping the fingers on his cheeks. The trailers played vaseegara repeatedly in all the channels. I heard that and i felt that some pop album has come coz it was the time when tamil pop albums were originating and this song in bombay jayashree's voice was really so fresh! Then when I learnt that its a new movie, I started admiring this MD! And next came 12B and then Majnu when I was in 9th. I simply couldnt stop listening to Majnu!!!!!!! And STILL... Gulmohar Malare is my second favourite song from Harris that carries alot of feel towards the hero's lady love which stands next to Oru Maalai!!

I think i was in 9th std at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya when Minnale was releasd.. V were allowed 2 watch TV 4 just an hour a day.. The 1st song i happend 2 hear is the Peppy number "Oh mama".. My seniors were strong listeners of Hindi songs and they used to watch Z music only and didnt allow any other chanels 2 watch.. Bt v strugled with seniors just 4 this song.. Finaly they agreed. (i think some f dem also got adictd 2 hj magic). Slowly that song began 2 rule our school.. Seniors also happened 2 listen other songs of Minnale nd they allowed 2 watch sun tv and Ss music whenevr minnale songs r broadcasted.. After vecation i came 2 JNV with a new walkman and casete of Minnale.. This cassete was widely used to perform dance programes in our school fest


This is the back cover of "lesa lesa" audio casette.....

just see this line... (vertically)


Wow!!!!! wat a line......

harris rocks!!!!

Moments that u became proud of Harris