Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good 1 to Read

Question: Define LOVE and explain in detail?
(10 marks)

MBA Student's Ans. Love is life.
... ... (marks 1/2 out of 10)

Medical Student's Ans. Love is pain.
(marks 1/2 out of 10)

Engineering Student's Ans


A serious disorder of heart due to relationship between men & women that can cause death of 1 or both depending on the resistance associated

1 sided &
2 sided

Usually occurs in teenages but nowdays can be found in any age

Phone Addiction


Anti-LOVE therapy by Father's Shoe
Mother's Sandle......
(marks 10 out of 10)

MORAL: Don't play with engineers, they can do anything for 10 marks. ;)
Why Girl's Cry :

► A Girl Wont Cry Easily, Except in Front of The Person;
Who S...he Love The Most, ...She Becomes Weak..! :(

... ► A Girl Wont Cry Easily, Only When She Love You The Most,
She Put Down Her Ego..!

► If a Girl Cries Bcoz of You, Hold Her Hands Firmly,
She is The one Who Would Stay With You For The Rest of Your Life..♥

► If a Girl Cries Bcoz of You, Don't Give Her Up..!
Maybe Bcoz of Your Decision, You Ruin Her Life..! :(

► She Cries Not Because She is Weak, She Cries Not Bcoz She Wanna Sympathy or Pity,
She Cries Because; Crying Silently is No Longer Possible..! :(
The Pain, Hurt N Agony Have Become Too Big; A Burden To Be Kept Inside..! :'(

► If a Girl Cries Her Heart Out To You, And All Because of You;
Its Time To Look Back on What You Have Done,
Only You Will Know The Answer To it..♥


Best Mom :
6 years: Mom knows everything !
8 years: Mom knows alot !
14 years: Mom really ...doesn't know
everything !
18 years: Mom knows nothing !
20 years: Mom, what mom !
22 years: Mom is outdated !
28 years: Maybe Mom knows!
35 years: Before deciding, let's ask Mom!
45 years: I wonder what Mom thinks!
75 years: I wish.Mom was here to ask!
Lol.. read this sumwhr!!! Sooo damn true!! :D Guys r happy creatures!
WHY Boys are always Happy Creatures???
1: Their last name stays with them forever,
2: Phone conversations last just for 30 secs flat,
3: A five day vacation requires only one jeans,
4: If someone forgets to invite them, he can still be their friend,
5: The same hair style lasts for years or even decades,
6: They can do shopping for 25 relatives in 25 minutes,
7: They don't freak out when they go to a party n see another man wearing the same shirt, instead they become buddies:)

Joke : 
TEACHER : Yaen Homework Pannala?

Stu(vandu) : Current illa..

TEAC : Candle yethi Yeludalamla?
Stu(vandu) : Matchbox Saami Room la Irunthuchu..

TEAC : Yaen Atha Yeduthu Patha Vakkala?

Stu(vandu) : Naan Kulikala Athan Saami Room Kulla Pogala..

TEAC : Yaen Kulikala?

Stu(vandu) : Kulika Thanni Illa..

TEAC : Yean Thanni Illa?

Stu(vandu) : Motor Odala..

TEAC : Yen Motor Odala?

Stu(vandu) : Ada Sotta Thalaya, Athan firstey Sonnen la Current Illanu..

TEAC : ???:...